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I had heard about The Maine before and had listened to a few of their songs, but I've just recently become obssessed with them and several other bands including There For Tomorrow, Panic! At The Disco, and The Academy Is... (even though they broke up, which makes me extremely upset. Of course, I'm following Will Beckett's blog now).

Any other John O'Callaghan fans out there?

In other news, I'm off for Christmas break! Two weeks of sleeping in and doing nothing. Yeah, that sounds about right. I've also started driving, so watch out world! Nah, I'm actually a really good driver... I think.

Hoping for snow soon...
I found out there's a parseltongue translator! Who would've known? So just in case you care, here be the link below.


In other news, the Hunger Games full trailer came out just the other day. Can you believe it'll be coming out in March? Because I really can't. I'm just terrified that it'll ruin the books, although I didn't really enjoy the last book anyway, so I guess that won't matter.

I've been writing a bit, but haven't been posting it anywhere. I haven't found the right place to put it just yet... I have a couple of really great story ideas, or at least, great in my opinion. We'll see how they turn out.

This summer, I do believe I'll be starting my very own blog on blogspot. I'm waiting for the summer because that will give me time to perfect it and make it just the way I want it to be. I'm still trying to decide on a name though. I have so many that I don't know which I like best! That's probably the best dilemma I could ask for in this situation though.

I hope you had fun wasting your time reading this completely pointless post!

Have a lovely day! I mean, night! Or day! Whichever it is wherever you're at!

I'm back after forever!

Wow, I cannot believe this is my first post since July! I mean, July? Really? It's been that long? Yeah, it has apparently.

Lots of things going on in my life. Where to start?

I'm almost two months into my sophomore year of high school! Exciting, right? I learned that the word sophomore actually means "smart moron"...... I don't feel insulted at all......

I've been following Veronica Roth's blog. She moved to Romania!!! I am so very jealous of her. She won't be back in the U.S. for a few more months still. Insurgent now has a cover, which I found quite exciting. Can't wait for it to come out this spring!

I've been writing some really cool horror stories, getting in my Halloween mode. That's always interesting to see..... I've also got some super cool ideas for some fantasy stories. I can't share those with you though. I'm afraid someone might steal them!

I got into Pottermore (early access). I was sorted into Gryffindor! Of course, when it comes to house points, we're in third place..... Bleghgh!

Well, I suppose that's all I have to say as of now..... If anyone wants to read some horror fiction, let me know! I would be happy to give you a link to one of my stories.

Harry Potter

I went to the midnight premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2 with my aunt on Thursday night/Friday morning. I can't believe I'm just now getting around to writing this post.... Busy busy busy. Well it was a ton better than Part 1. I loved it and I cried about ten different times.

I fell in love with all of these pictures when I found them :) Hope you enjoy them too! Any other opinions on the last HP movie?



One thing I never thought I'd do.....

I left Mibba! I used to be completely obssessed with that site, but it eventually got tiring and demanding. Too much pressure, and I felt like I had to write. Not for myself, but for others. So it feels good, yet strange, to have left. Though it's more of a vacation, because I'm sure I'll go back eventually.

It'll be good to focus on my writing, and only my writing.

Well I'm going to cut this post short. Dinner's on the table. 


What I should REALLY be doing - Homework

I have all of my English homework done. Actually, it's been done since the beginning of June. It's the Science homework that I can't stand to do. I have to read Jurassic Park and answer all 100 questions and vocabulary that come with it. It's the worst book I've ever read! I can't get past the tenth page! So far, it's been the narrator talking about how his wife wanted to get plastic surgery, blah blah blah. Awful.

So instead of doing that, I'm spending my time writing this post..... Procrastination is my best friend that happens to be a bad influence. Oh well...

Like the picture? Story of my life summed up into six steps.

I had planned on posting a book review on Mibba about the book Divergent but then decided not to. I'm not good at writing articles, and then to have it judged by an entire community of writers would just be disastrous. So instead, I thought I would post my "book review" here.

The only reason I actually read the book was because I saw in a Seventeen magazine that it was coming out the next month and was compared to The Hunger Games trilogy. Just a little obssessed over those.....

I actually found myself enjoying Divergent more than The Hunger Games though, which I had thought nearly impossible before.

Veronica Roth has a really neat blog. I'll put the link at the end of this post. It says she plans to make it a trilogy, with the second book being released next year and the third the year after that. I can't tell you how excited I was after hearing that!

Any other Divergent fans?

My favorite character is definately Four/Tobias. Who could resist that? Dauntless is amazing.....


Sorry, no pictures in this post.....


I want to travel so very badly, it's killing me on the inside. I'm convinced that I'll travel all across Europe, Asia, and Africa one day. That'll be one of the greatest things about getting older. Travel. Paris, London, and India are definately my top choices.

Can't wait! :)

I realize this journal was quite pointless. The only reason it's actually posted is to satisfy my need to post these beautiful pictures.


In case you aren't familiar with Uganda, it's a country in East Africa. It's also known as the "pearl of Africa". There are two official languages there, which are English and Swahili. Illiteracy is common and the life expectancy is 50 for women and 49 for men. The ratio of physicians to persons was 8 to 100,000 in the early 2000's.


I'm thinking of going on a mission trip the summer of 2014 to Uganda. This is the kind of trip it would be (click on the abbove link). It'll just be a different year, is all. That'll be the year before I start college so the timing should be alright.

Here are some pictures :D

Can't wait! I'll have to start saving now though, obviously..... But that's fine. It's definately worth it to me.

Don't be afraid to leave a comment! I enjoy feedback. :) Let me know what you think.